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Managing Director/Founder
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Creative Director / Founder
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Christofer Weider
Art Director / Partner
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Pripps blå Pripps blå Pripps blå Pripps blå Pripps blå Pripps blå

Re — design and new communication for Swedens most iconic beer brand.

Carlsberg Sverige


Brand strategy
Communication concept
Packaging design
Visual identity
Art Direction

Background / Insight:

Pripps Blå, one of Sweden's oldest and most beloved beer brands with solid ties to the West Coast, holds nostalgic memories of Swedish summers, archipelago, friendship, and togetherness. However, there was a sense that the brand wasn’t as contemporary and modern as it could be. Pripps Blå brings back sweet memories but felt a bit outdated, and its purchases had decreased despite high brand awareness. Our task was straightforward: not just making Pripps Blå a memory, but transforming it into a living reminder of carefree moments and good times in Sweden, both through new packaging design and fresh communication.

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We began by analyzing the Pripps Blå brand and portfolio, creating a design strategy based on our insights and the project brief. Our goal throughout the project was to build upon the brand's history, embrace the feeling of carefree summer moments and memories, as well as adding a modern touch. This was done while also creating a design that remains relevant for years to come, appealing to a broader audience. After finalizing the design we developed a brand new communication platform and rolled out Pripps first new ad campaign in many years - with one clear message: Sommaren sitter i smaken (The Summer is in the taste).