Kungsgatan 28
111 35 Stockholm

Managing Director/Founder
+46 72 316 00 53

Creative Director / Founder
+46 72 311 00 53

Christofer Weider
Art Director / Partner
+46 70 996 31 57

Inika Superfoods Inika Superfoods Inika Superfoods Inika Superfoods Inika Superfoods Inika Superfoods

A modern holistic wellness brand, inspirited from modern scientific breakthroughs.



Design strategy
Packaging design
Art direction

Background / Insight

The word "Inika" translates to "Little Earth" in Sanskrit. The founders firmly believe that fueling your body with natural, convenient, and environmentally friendly food is essential for living your best life. This belief led them to launch Inika. Their offering revolves around creating superfoods with a low impact on the planet, ready to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Inika approached Super Tuesday with a clear vision and products that were nearly market ready. Our task was to transform this vision into a visual reality and assist the founders in developing the brand identity, packaging design, and visual language. It was an exciting endeavor that required starting from scratch.

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Our objective was to create a contemporary brand that seamlessly blended lifestyle and food, transcending mere graphics on packaging. We aimed to contribute to a superfood’s movement, inspiring and attracting people to be part of this appealing world through their consumption of Inika products. This served as our starting point. Collaborating closely with the client, we crafted a brand identity and packaging design that deviated from the conventional superfoods industry. Key concepts we sought to capture were boldness, simplicity, Nordic elegance, and harmony. The structural packaging also played a crucial role in the brand's identity, as the beautiful shapes of the products greatly contributed to the overall impression. Inika Superfoods have received fantastic PR coverage in renowned magazines like Vogue, among others. With amazing products, the journey ahead for Inika is undoubtedly one to follow.