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Managing Director/Founder
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Creative Director / Founder
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Christofer Weider
Art Director / Partner
+46 70 996 31 57

Absolut Art Absolut Art Absolut Art Absolut Art Absolut Art Absolut Art

Absolut Art A mission to expand access to affordable art.

Absolut Art


Concept creation
Visual identity
Packaging design
Digital design
Motion design
Art direction

Background / Insight

Building on Absolut’s 30 years of involvement with contemporary art (from Warhol to Damien Hirst, Keith Haring and Louise Bourgeois), the mission of Absolut Art´s online shop is to expand access to affordable art. Super Tuesday was asked to create a new visual identity for the brand that could align with the successful packaging concept we created earlier. The traditional art scene can be intimidating and inaccessible, Absolut Art wanted to make affordable art more inviting and accessible for everyone. Buying art should be fun and easy!

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To emphasize the brands progressive way of thinking, we created a strong visual concept that we call “Think inside the box”. The concept is also a tribute to the framed piece of art. We made a simple, yet dynamic asset that reinforces the overall concept, a hero graphic element called “The Box”. A canvas for expressing bold communications within a defined space. The identity colors are strong and modern with roots in pop art culture, and together with the bold typography the Identity stands out both in the contemporary media landscape and in the traditional intimidating art scene. Raw and recycled materials were used to create a contrast to the solid and colorful graphic elements. The visual identity was executed in various ways, from creating new website and designing events, outdoor-campaigns, books, posters, signs and stationery.