Skill Capture,
initial lab.

Visual identity
Concept development


Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions. Last year the company launched Skill Capture, a global program focusing on capturing the diversity of skills, knowhow, and perspectives of their 49.000 employees. Scania believes that pluralism and an inclusive corporate culture are key elements in becoming the global leader in sustainable transport.

In 2018, Scania decided to create a dedicated brand identity for this successful program and Super Tuesday was chosen as their creative partner. We created an identity that could handle these important topics in a playful and inspiring way on all levels at Scania around the world.

The new brand identity is very dynamic and works in all channels but especially well for their many hundreds of workshops (called the Lab) around the world. The Skill Capture program was illustrated as a playful lab were the lab represents the processes and work needed to capture Diversity, Inclusion and Pluralism every day at Scania. The new identity was launched this autumn with great results!

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