Super Tuesday is a strategic design agency with more than 15 years experience of global brand building. With the use of strategic thinking, storytelling and sharp design we make brands noticed and chosen.

About Us

Super Tuesday was founded in 2012 by Simon Kamras and Yashar Niknam. Since the start we have created work for various industries including fmcg, real estate, aviation, pharmacies, hotels, juice bars, shopping centers, stock markets and e-health.

We have worked with small local champions in the Nordics, and large corporations with presence all over the world. No matter of category, brand or target group, all our work have one thing in common:

To help our clients decide how to become noticed and chosen.

Noticed is the easy part. Breaking category conventions gets you noticed, but not necessarily chosen - consumers do not automatically choose things that stand out from the crowd.

Chosen is to put the noticed in a relevant context. To bring the right emotional values into a more rational based design strategy.

Our Services

Packaging Design

We take care of all steps from generating the first design idea to creating final artwork. We also produce launch related material such as 3-D renderings, image shots, key visuals etcetera.

Brand Identity

We build and create brand identities and implement them in all necessary channels such as web, stationary, PPT, sales-material and various templates. We create guidelines to secure brand consistency.

Brand Strategy

We help brands get noticed and chosen through development of brand-/message platforms, architecture, design strategy and research. Always in close collaboration with our clients.

Brand Concepts

We develop communication concepts for companies, brands and products. The final delivery ranges from full communication implementation to production of certain materials.

Brand experiences