We're Super Tuesday, a strategic design agency with more than 15 years experience of global brand building. With the use of strategic thinking, story-telling and sharp design we make brands become noticed and chosen.

Super Tuesday was founded in 2012 by Simon Kamras and Yashar Niknam. Since the start we have created work for various industries including fmcg, real estate, aviation, pharmacies, hotels, juice bars, shopping centers, stock markets and e-health.

We have worked with small local champions in the Nordics, and large corporations with presence all over the world. No matter of category, brand or target group, all our work have one thing in common: To help our clients decide how to become noticed and chosen.

Noticed & Chosen —

These two words are the most important words at Super Tuesday. Simply because this is what our core offer is all about; first, get your company or brand ‘noticed’ and then ‘chosen’.

Noticed is the easy part. Breaking category conventions gets you noticed, but not necessarily chosen - consumers do not automatically choose things that stand out from the crowd.

Chosen is to put the noticed in a relevant context. To bring the right emotional values into a more rational based design strategy.

Packaging Design —

Every year almost 95% of new product launches fail. One of the key reasons is because the packaging design is not thought through carefully enough. Another, that people take a short cut with the execution.

We never compromise on either the strategic thinking, conceptual idea or finish, and have a beneficial process for all our packaging design work.

  • Concept creation
  • Graphical execution
  • Art work production
  • 3-D renderings
  • Product shots
  • Image shots
  • Industrial design

Brand Identity —

Is the logo important? Definitely. But too many companies believe that the logo is 80 % of the visual identity. Our belief is rather the opposite.

To function properly, a company must develop its own unique design and well-defined graphics. But a good visual identity should be clearly recognizable to its consumers without its logotype (even if it is of course most often there anyway). If that exercise work - the visual identity is properly made.

  • Brand identity
  • Design implementation
  • Visual update
  • Digital design
  • Design guidelines

Brand Strategy —

Talking about the importance of branding is like preaching to the converted. Everything is defined as a brand today. Even you. And everyone has its very own definition. ”Your brand is the way your customer perceives you”. ”You could say your brand is your company's personality”. ”Your brand is your promise to your customer”.

We believe that simply put, branding is what makes people choose one company over another. And this is what we can help you with.

  • Brand strategy
  • Design strategy
  • Brand analysis
  • Research

Naming —

Naming is the first and best way to get people’s attention. We have our own naming process – and have developed several successful names since start. We can also, through our partners, support you with trademark registrations and other important questions.

  • Brand name creation
  • Product name creation
  • Brand protection